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Dave Navarro recently participated in bizarre art ritual in the California desert. Documented in a series of photos, Navarro took part in a bloodletting practice, and with the musician’s blood, a portrait of Navarro’s late mother was painted.
With the help of artists / body modification experts Samppa Von Cyborg and Aneta Von Cyborg, Dave Navarro was bled through a cut on his forehead. Navarro’s blood was then gathered in a wine glass and used to paint his mother, Constance Navarro, who was murdered by boyfriend John Riccardi in March 1983. Dave was only 15 years old at the time of his mother’s death, and the case was well documented on ‘America’s Most Wanted.’

"You probably think I swig Jack Daniel’s first thing in the morning, after I smoke my crack and then don’t see my daughter for 10 days.”
Courtney Love (1994)

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Winona Ryder

Three years ago on July 23rd, the world lost such a talented,beautiful, and  one of a kind woman.